Pool Building Steps

1. Customer Meeting, Project Plan and Design
The first and we would say the most important step is to determine exactly what the customer is looking for and designing a pool that meets their needs so that when it is built they have exactly what they are looking for. We meet with the customer on site as many times as necessary to ensure what you envision is exactly what the final product will look like. It is at this point we create a design and construction plans for you to see and approve. It is also at this point that we go over any other landscaping, sheds, decks etc. that may be required to complete the job

2. Approval & Permits
Once all the plans are approved by the customer, we submit the construction plan to the local municipality and obtain the necessary building permits. In most jurisdictions there is only one inspection prior to the pool being filled with water to ensure that all safety equipment (fence) is in place. It is also at this point that we call "Ontario one call" to get the locates for underground utilities marked out.

3. Pool Layout
The next step involves us marking out the exact shape of the pool, as well as the steps, concrete deck and excavation area on your lawn. This ensures that everything fits properly and gives the customer a final look of the location in the backyard prior to the excavation.

4. Excavation
It is at this point where we bring in the heavy machinery and start the excavation of the pool. Even with these large machines we are very exact with the excavation and carving out the shape of your pool. We like to warn our customers that a massive amount of earth/rock is going to be removed and transported away.

5. Steel walls and Concrete collar
We build the walls of your pool with prefabricated walls panels, that were ordered, and custom built exactly for your pool. These walls are first loosely assembled, with all necessary bracing and then levelled, plumbed and adjusted to the manufacturers specifications, they are then permanently bolted together. The final part of this step is to add a concrete collar around the perimeter of the walls and under the steps, at CN Aquatics we pride ourselves on using more concrete than most companies to ensure even more strength for our final product.

6. Plumbing, Lights
The pool now has all the plumbing connections, including the skimmer, main drain and returns as well as any water feature lines installed. We always pressure test any underground lines before they are covered over, this ensure that all connections are good, and no water is leaking. It is also at this point that we would install any pool lights and their wiring as well.

7. Backfilling
Now that the walls are complete we proceed with backfilling the pool. Minimum requirements are to backfill with clean sand. We go above Industry Standard and use clear gravel. Where sand will settle over time, clear stone is 98% compacted when it is installed and better at draining water than sand. The small extra cost is worth the extra investment over time.

8. Grouting the Base
The next step is to install a 2-3" thick grout base (sand & cement mixture) along the whole bottom of the pool. This base is hand troweled to a smooth finish and is what your liner will sit on. We would also at this point measure for your liner, all our liners are measured at this point and custom ordered to ensure that it fits and there are no delays at the end of the project.

9. Concrete Deck/Interlock Deck
Because we don't want to damage the liner, we always install the deck at this point. Whether it be a standard 36" wide concrete deck or a more captivating interlock deck. Our finishing is done by expert concrete finishers so as to get the perfect finish and look for your pool. We would also be ensuring that the pool is fully bonded and grounding meeting ESA code for pools.

10. Pool Pad, Electrical & Gas
With the pool being almost complete we now install the Pool Pad (Pump, filter, heater etc.), this is all done with schedule 40 Rigid pipe to have a clean professional look. Then the electrician and gas fitters are called in to finalize the installation.

11. Landscaping
Every Pool CN Aquatics installs is sodded around the perimeter of the pool and any damag to the existing grass is repaired. We also replace any fences that were removed for access. If any additional landscaping was requested by the homeowner it is at this point we would complete it.

12. Liner installation & Testing of pool
Once your liner arrives, we clean the walls and floor of the pool and install the liner. The liner is then filled with water and we startup your pool. All the equipment is operated to ensure that the pool is working and chemicals are added to get your pool running.

13. Final meeting
The final step of the process is a meet-up with the homeowner to show them how the pool works and ensure all their questions are answered. This will include instruction on each piece of equipment as well as the maintenance of the pool. If you do have any further questions a quick call to CN Aquatics and we will be able to help you out.