Spring Opening

After a long winter it is time to open your pool. Leave it to us to take care of getting your pool ready for summer. We offer a range of pool opening packages from the basic opening up to a swim ready package that gets your pool clean and crystal clear – ready for you to swim. Call us today to make an appointment.

Summer Maintenance

Let us take the stress out of keeping your pool in perfect condition with one of our summer maintenance packages. Whether it is once or twice while you are on vacation or for the entire summer we can take care of it. Service includes but is not limited to: Empty baskets, vacuum pool, clean water line, skim the water surface, backwash, test water and balance chemicals.

Fall closings

After another great swimming season the fall is here and it is time to get your pool ready for winter. To ensure that your pool is prepared to endure the harsh winter conditions leave it to C.N. Aquatics to close up your pool and leave you with peace of mind over the winter.